Our Sparrow at HMS is Donte' King.

The school had a service learning convocation on Thursday speaking to the sixth grade and the success academy students on the subject matter. The Madison County area organization is headed up by Amanda Byrd and Terry West. They have arranged to have a sponsor who will give $10.00 to Donte's family for every 1 hour donated to community service that is documented. The sponsors for Donte' are Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sheehan & Family. Kristal McCorkle is the teacher who got these individuals to come to HMS and is spearheading the start of the club as club sponsor. The club is in the process of making T-shirts that will cost $11.00 and the proceeds of $5.00 will go to Donte'.

Donte' and his family were present to help initate the club. Please get a form like the one illustrated and donate your time to community service to help out Donte'. Everyone needs to get involved!!!!